Up Level!

1-1 Health & Career Hybrid 90-Day Intensive

Are you experiencing health issues related to work or work issues related to health?

This is becoming increasingly common in today’s high pressure, high competition world of work.

Up Rise 1-1 Health & Career Hybrid Intensive is for you if:

  • Have low energy or burnout
  • Deal with chronic stress and malaise
  • Have low motivation
  • Feel disconnected
  • Have the persistent feeling you have veered off your path.

First, we address health concerns by addressing the habits that are affecting you most. Then, we’ll start to make small, do-able energy and confidence-boosting strides while we continue to build a clear vision for your health and career.  From there we make some values-based decisions about direction and move forward in creating it!

What’s Included:

  • A customized 90-day program designed to support you in reaching your goals with curated information and coaching exercises
  • 12, 50-minute, 1-1 coaching session by phone, Skype or in-person (in Toronto)
  • Up to 6, 15-minute accountability calls and email support between sessions
  • May include fitness and personal wellness plans, job search strategy, application package and/or long-term career vision and planning program

Discover what Jenn can do for you.

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I do find I have more clarity and I have lowered my anxiety levels in regards to my work. I have also developed some new and very useful habits.
Ana K.


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